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2021 NASA Virtual ESD Training - July 19-23, 2021 Just 2 Spots Left!

July 2, 2021

Renee Mitchell, President

RMV Technology Group LLC

NASA ESD Program Manager Virtual “Live” Training

July 19 – 23, 2021

Microsoft TEAMS

Interactive with Demos & Experiments Presented Live in RMV Laboratory at NASA ARC

For NASA, DoD and DOE civil servants and contractors - you can still sign up for this course as we have two spots left.

The recently revised NASA STD. 8739.6B will be reviewed, discussed, illustrated and demoed live with the updated revisions that are critical to Mission Critical projects and programs for the Agency.

What You Will Learn:

CLASS 0A & 0B Safeguards

ESD Events before Launch

Identify Risks for ESD Latent Failures

Long Term Storage & Antistats

ESD Packaging Compliance for EEE Components

ESD Characteristics And Impact on Equipment

Overview of ESD Equipment Standards

The NEW & Revised NASA STD. 8739.6B plus ANSI ESD.S20.20 & TR-53 Limitations

Days 1-4: ESD/ESA Issues and CubeSat Integrity, Equipment Standards, Equipment Reliability and Harsh Environments, Class 0A & 0B Safeguards, ESD Packaging & Materials, Material Handling, Storage & Transport, How to Locate ESD Events before Launch, ESD Counterfeit Threats, Utilizing ESD Instrumentation and Case Studies, Workstation EPA Verification & Certification Measurements for NASA STD 8739.6B, ANSI ESDS20.20 and applicable MIL STDS., ESD Assessments and Troubleshooting, ESD impact upon Equipment Reliability for Mission Critical programs.

Day 5: Review and On-line Exam. This course is restricted to NASA, DoD and DOE and Support Contractors. Class is limited to 20 students.


Bob Vermillion, CPP/Fellow

iNARTE® ESD & Product Safety Engineer

Headquartered at NASA Ames Research Center since 2008, Bob Vermillion, a foremost Industry Leader in specialty materials science and SME in Electrostatics (Materials, Packaging & Products), was named the ESD Technical Authority for NASA in 2018. From development of an advanced ESD material for a Mars mission in 1999, 2002 Ameristar winner of the USA Top Electronics Packaging Engineering Design, Bob’s anti-counterfeit design was a precursor to more advanced methods in use today. Other Awards include IOPP College of Fellows in 2007, followed by 2014 Corporation of the Year, 2018 James A. Russell Lifetime Achievement Award for Packaging Engineering Innovation & Technical Excellence and 2019 Induction into the Military Packaging Hall of Fame. A frequent Speaker for GIDEP, Vermillion collaborated with NASA for a NSC Advisory including invited talks for QLF and MDA to brief on the current state of EEE packaging protection of components for material handling and long-term storage.Founder and Co-Chair of the SAE G-19 Subcommittee on EEE Packaging, Bob is an active member of the NASA Interagency Working Group (IAWG – ESD). In 2018, RMV developed a unique ESD Aerospace & Defense Hands On Training Program, then partnered with Exemplar Global (ASQ), a Global Certification Body, that requires extensive college/ work related credentials, plus the passing of a rigorous exam to be awarded the prestigious iNARTE® Aerospace & Defense Engineer/Technician™.


Doug Smith, MSEE Cal Tech

iNARTE® Master Certified EMC Engineer

University of Oxford Course Tutor

Doug Smith has extensive design experience in analog and digital circuit design as well as EMC. Doug’s design experience (starting at age 14 in the design of a lie detector and sold to two police departments) marked the beginning of a lifelong career of solving electronic design issues that rarely fall into Industry Standard Test Methods of problem solving utilized by EE engineers without the unique expertise of troubleshooting. Doug’s approach to solve the rare ESD event encountered in the design and production of mission critical spacecraft before launch has been found to be a powerful tool for Manufacturing and Design Engineers. Joining Bell Labs in 1970, Doug retired as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff. As a Senior Technical Staff Member of RMV, Doug specializes in high frequency measurements, circuit/system design and verification, switching power supply noise and specifications, EMC, and immunity to transient noise. Doug is a Senior Member of IEEE and a former member of the IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors.


For NARTE® applicants, a separate applicant registration fee is required. Two-Year Renewal fee for iNARTE® only. For more details on both programs, please email or call Renee at 650-964-4792 or 925-914-1709.

For ITAR compliance, you must provide your full name and physical address to receive additional information on the ESD Space & Defense ESD Course.


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