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Packaging Engineering

SME  Material & Packaging Re-Design for EEE Device Protection 

 RMV Leadership for Innovative           Packaging Designs                        

IOPP Ameristar Award Winner for the USA No. 1 Electronic Packaging Design
Bob  Vermillion, CPP/Fellow

The type of testing that we conduct:


1.    First Article Outer Packaging Qualification for EEE parts

2.   Validation of Packaging System for Storage and Transport

3.   Verification of Supplier Raw Material for Packaging Design

4.   Qualification Testing: ANSI/ESD, NASA 8739 STD, Section 7, MIL.STDs.

5.   Field Testing for Harsh Environments

6.   Packaging Redesign to lower Cost 

7.   CNT, ICP, IDP and Other Engineered Materials for Research & 

       Development of a New or Mature Packaging Scheme

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