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Packaging Engineering



SME  Material & Packaging Re-Design for EEE Device Protection 

 RMV Leadership for Innovative           Packaging Designs                        

IOPP Ameristar Award Winner for the USA No. 1 Electronic Packaging Design
Bob  Vermillion, CPP/Fellow

The type of testing that we conduct:


1.   First Article Outer Packaging Qualification for EEE parts

2.   Validation of Packaging System for Storage and Transport

3.   Verification of Supplier Raw Material for Your Packaging Design

4.   Qualification Testing for ANSI/ESD, NASA 8739 STD. 8739.6B and

      Military Standard requirements

5.   Field Testing for Harsh Environments

6.   Packaging Redesign Test to lower Cost and More Advanced Materials

7.   CNT, ICP, IDP and Other Engineered Materials for Research & 

       Development of a New or Mature Packaging Scheme



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