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Educational Outreach 

RMV Video Presentation

By invitation from the University of Maryland, Bob Vermillion, Invited Speaker, "Suspect Counterfeit Packaging Safe Handling & Removal Procedures of EEE Parts from IC Packaging, June 29, 2022.

DMSMS 2018

December 3, 2018 - Bob Vermillion, NASA Technical Authority, provides a technology briefing on the Trends & New Developments for Static Control Materials in the Crosshairs and the Supply Chain Today,

DMSMS 2018

DMSMS 2018, Nashville, Tennessee Bob Vermillion provides a 2nd Anti-Counterfeit Workshop on Static Control Materials for the Protection of Electronic Components for the Army Future Command.

2017 Picatinny Arsenal

2017 - Bob receives NIPHLE Honorarium for his leading edge talk on "Incoming Inspection of Packaging & Materials for Supplier Compliance"

Feature Article in this Month's edition: The Silent Killer: Suspect/Counterfeit Items and Packaging, by Bob Vermillion, CPP/Fellow, iNARTE Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer

2016 - GIDEP New Member Training Conference at NASA Ames. Bob Vermillion, SME and Featured Speaker, briefed the participants on "Suspect Counterfeit Products, Materials & Packaging" that are being counterfeited into the DOD and NASA supply chains. Several examples were shown to the audience with excellent feedback from many.

2016 Annual NIPHLE Conference - Suspect Counterfeit Training for DOD, DCMA, DLA, Primes & Suppliers

RMV Technology Group is the premiere Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) to receive the USA Top Award for Packaging Engineering Contributions & Innovations for the Warfighter.

2016 - Bob Vermillion, SME Featured Speaker "Suspect Counterfeit Materials & Packaging in the DOD Supply Chain" held at NASA Ames Research Center.


2014 - An Unexpected Visit from The Honorable Maria Contreras Sweet, Administrator, Small Business Administration, came for 15 minutes but stayed over an hour to see the exciting work RMV is doing at NASA Ames Research Center for the training of Government & Industry for the detection of counterfeits and its harmful effects upon the US economy.

2009 - Hosted by Boeing Satellite Systems in collaboration with California Innovation Corridor, Bob Vermillion, SME, briefed Federal Agencies and Industry "RFID as Counterfeit Parts Mitigation."


2016 - A YOUTUBE video titled "Cordless Wriststraps" by Bob Vermillion. An RMV GIDEP Alert will soon be published in collaboration with NASA Langley & NASA Armstrong.


OPERATION OPPORTUNITY 14 May 2013 Bob Vermillion, Featured Speaker "Suspect Counterfeit Materials, Packaging & Products in the Global Supply Chain and its Effect Upon Small Business"

Bob Vermillion, SME, Founder and Co-Chair, SAE G-19A EEE Parts Packaging Engineering Subgroup WIP that includes DRAFT AS6171 Test Method IX - Techniques for Suspect Counterfeit EEE Part Packaging Detection by various test methods

2016 - On behalf of the AFE Silicon Valley Chapter 39, Bob Vermillion, Featured Speaker on "Suspect Counterfeit Items, Materials, Electronic Components & Packaging Issues in the Global Supply Chain"

2016 - IDEA Board of Trustees selects Bob Vermillion (Industry Advisory Council for International Distributors of Electronics) to serve as an Inaugural Member of this newly formed Executive Committee.

GIDEP Site Visit.160216

2016 - A much welcome visit from the NASA Ames Office of Mission Assurance and GIDEP to see the really exciting work we are doing on behalf of NASA and the Warfighter.

2012 NASA Ames Industry Day - Bob Vermllion, CEO, RMV Technology Group was one of only two high tech small businesses. Bob is the "First to Present and the First to Publish on Suspect Counterfeit ESD Materials & Packaging in the DOD Supply Chain.

Glenn Delgado.jpg_edited

2014 - A Very Special Visit from Glenn Delgado, NASA Associate Administrator, OSBP, to see the groundbreaking work that Bob Vermillion is conducting in Materials Integrity Testing and Harsh environments for the benefit of NASA and the DOD.

Illustration of "Before" and "After" of a mosfet by the "Walnut Blasting Process."

The Walnut Blasting process is one of the demonstrations by Bob Vermillion, SME, to show the participants how easily the counterfeiters can fool Incoming Inspection personnel as AS9100 Auditors in the "visual inspection" to audit a manufacturing environment. The RMV "hands on" Suspect Counterfeit Training teaches participants that you must physically test ESD products and packaging and go beyond "Supplier Tech Data" Sheets to determine the originality and/or compliance of the item.

President Obama recently approved a more enforceable version of this bill for the prevention of Counterfeits into the DOD Supply Chain. RMV is the first SDVOSB to provide this training for NASA Ames followed by UC Berkeley Space Science Laboratory.


Technical Symposium: Workshops: Nov 21, 2013 Town & Country Resort & Conference Center San Diego, CA Bob Vermilion, Featured Speaker, "ESD and Outer Packaging Containers for the Protection of Sensitive Components"

Bob Vermillion, SME, Featured Workshop Speaker "Non-compliant or Suspect Counterfeit Packaging Materials Can Lead to ESD Hazards and Long-Term Storage Issues and Pose Issues in Handling, Inspection and Manufacturing"


2002 IOPP Ameristar First Place Winner for the Electronics Category was presented to Bob Vermillion, CPP/Fellow. This unique design to protect fiberoptics (for qualification of US Navy submarines) also incorporated an anti-counterfeit feature into the design. Hewlett Packard placed 2nd & 3rd; Motorola placed 4th

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