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iNARTE® Certified Space & Defense ESD Program Monitor™


Virtual iNARTE® Space & Defense  ESD Program Monitor Training 

November 2022 timeframe

To register or get more information for this course.  please call 650-964-4792 or email

This course is  intended for  Space & Defense  Civil Servants and Support Contractors. 

Seats are limited.  5 Minimum per course.   No refunds or cancellations.


You may subsitute a member of your company if you are unable to participate. 

Stay tuned for Upcoming Course Date



Class 0A1 to Do No Harm Safeguards

How to Verify  ESD Workstations to NASA STD 8739.6B, Section 7  in the EPA

Non-Conforming Packaging & Garments

Verification of the EPA, Equipment             and Materials 

How to Prepare for Customer and          

    Internal Audits!

Small Classes for Individual Learning
3 Days, Multiple Sessions.
® Remote exam and Hands 
      On Instrument Learning Exam   

What you will Learn

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