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Space & Defense User/Operator Awareness ESD Training™

2-Year RMV Certification

Group Rates for NASA, DoD and DOE Civil Servants

ESD Certified User/Operator: The Space & Defense User/Operator Awareness ESD Training is designed for the Warfighter that may work In Theatre to R&D, Production, Repair Depots, Warehousing or Incoming Inspection   that assembles, inspects, tests, kits or handles ESD circuit card assemblies and ESDS (ESD Sensitive Devices) EEE Parts or equipment containing ESDS.


Proper Packaging, Material Handling protocols, Long Term Storage, Transport and Repair Returns with a clear understanding of the source and control of static charges in theatre and the ESD Protected Area (EPA) are presented in an interactive format and brought to you onsite or “Live” from the RMV Laboratory, where you will see on-screen measurements, videos and Case Histories of widely used materials  for Space & Defense found to be non-compliant or suspect for ESD compliance despite Visual Inspection or Verification,  Supplier Claims and Technical Data Sheets, with RMV solutions in support of current Space & Defense requirements.  The RMV training module link will be available on the NASA “whitelisted” software portal for online viewing by each participant. This course is Virtual or On-Site, for a 4-hour or 1 day training module.


NOTE: Content Revision is ongoing based upon technology updates and future developments for Space and Defense.





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