ESD Materials  Test & Evaluation (T&E)
 in the RMV Laboratory at NASA Ames


Factory, Cleanroom and Long Term Storage


You will find Consumables also listed in Packaging as the terms are used interchangeably.  Some will include the following: 


Sorbent Pads (used extensively by the DLA and labeled as a Product), Antistatic Clamshells, Antistatic Trays, Antistatic Rubber, Molded Parts & Devices, In-Plant Handlers, JEDEC trays, ESD Tubing, Table Mats, Laminates, ESD Wipes, Lotions & ESD Swabs, ESD Labels, Sticky Mats & Rollers, ESD Floor Wax, Ceramic Tool Tips. ESD Shoes, ESD Shoe Covers, ESD Floor Tiles, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, PET, PETG, PVC, ESD Heel Grounders, ESD Rubber, ESD Vinyl, Tape & Reel, Anti-Static Paperboard, Anti-Static Pallet Wrap, Anti-Static Film, Antistatic Compounds, ESD Chairs, ESD Casters, ESD Wheels, ESD Drag Chains,  ESD Labels, ESDTapes, Anti-Static Tape, Conductive Tape,  Static Dissipative Tape, ESDSuction Cups, Carbon Loaded Vacuum Cups,Static Dissipative Suction Cups, Antistatic Suction Cups, ESD Booties, ESD Heel Covers, Floor Mats, Vinyl Mats, Rubber Mats,  Cleanroom ESD Polymer Doors, ESD Cart Covers, ESD Microscope Covers, Solar Panel Cells, Fuel Cell Filters, Gel-Packs®, Gary Boxes, ESD Brushes, ESD Filament  Types, ESD Belts and Hoses, Composite Flooring, Modular Flooring.

Flexible Packaging

Consumables for the Factory & Cleanroom


Some of the ESD and Advanced Materials that we test include the following: 

Static Shielding Bags, Antistatic Clamshells, Antistatic Trays, Antistatic Rubber, ESD Gloves and Fingercots, Antistatic Bags, Metal In and Metal Out Bags, ESD Moisture Barrier Bags, IDP, ICP, IDA Bags, Thermoformed Polymers, multiwall CNTs, Molded Parts & Devices, In-Plant Handlers, JEDEC trays, ESD Corrugated & ESD Plastic Corrugated, ESD Tubing, Table Mats, Laminates, Cleanroom Paper, Anti-Static Paper, Engineered Composites, ESD Totes & Bins, ESD Foams, Cushioning, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, ESD Safe Polyethylene Film, Styrofoam, Cross Linked Foams, Thin Films, Plastic Hinged Boxes, ESD Paints & Conductive Coatings, Carbon Loaded Trays, Carbon Coated Trays, Polyurethane, Polyethylene,PET, PETG, PVC,  ESD Plexiglass, ESD Lexan, Antistatic Lexan, Static Dissipative Lexan, Tape & Reel. Anti-Static Paperboard, Anti-Static Pallet Wrap, Anti-Static Film, Antistatic Compounds, Wafer Boat Carriers, Wafer Packs, Wafer Separators, Solar Cell Wafer Carriers, ESD Labels, ESD Tapes, Anti-Static Tape, Conductive Tape, Static Dissipative Tape, ESD Suction Cups, Carbon Loaded Vacuum Cups,Static Dissipative Suction Cups, Antistatic Suction Cups, Solar Panel Cells, Fuel Cell Filters, Gel-Packs®, Gary Boxes.

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