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  Supply Chain Outreach for Suspect Counterfeit Education & Awareness  (since 2008)

2019 DOE Supply Chain Quality Event, DOE Nuclear Facility, Oakridge, Tennessee.  Bob Vermillion,  Featured Speaker, DOE Annual Event Featured Speaker, "Suspect Counterfeits & the Grey Market."

2018 DMSMS Annual Event, Nashville, Tennessee. Bob Vermillion,  Invited Speaker. Two workshop presentations on "Trends and New Developments of Suspect Counterfeit & Non-Complaint ESD Materials for the Protection of EEE Devices in the  DoD Supply Chain."


2018 EFCOG Supplier Assurance Workshop (DOE), Richmond, Washington.  Bob Vermillion, Featured Speaker, by invitation of Sandia National Lab. 

2018 Certified Aerospace & Defense Engineering on ESD & Suspect Counterfeit Mitigation 26-30 March, NASA Ames

2018 NASA Quality Leadership Forum, Cape Canaveral, FLA, Invited Presentation “Successful CubeSat Deployment”

2017 GIDEP Conference, 24 October 2017, Washington DC, Invited Speaker

2017 PCB West, Suspect Counterfeit ESD & Packaging Materials, 13 September 2017, Santa Clara Convention

2017 NIPHLE Training Conference, 9 May 2017, CubeSats using COTS Require Sound ESD Handling, Picatinny Arsenal

2016 NASA GIDEP Conference, May 2016 at NASA Ames

2015 NIPHLE Training, 4-7 May 2015 at the US Army Picatinny Arsenal, NJ 

2015 Invited Speaker for University of Oxford, UK, Suspect Counterfeit Detection, Avoidance and Mitigation

2015 Invited Speaker for Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials, CALCE/University of Maryland 

2014 Corporate Award for Packaging Innovation NIPHLE1 membership (DOD, DCMA, DLA, GSA)

2014 UC California at Berkeley Suspect Counterfeit & Mitigation Training at NASA Ames

2014 Veteran Award to RMV Technology Group LLC from VBOC Region IX, Sacramento, CA

2014 Featured Speaker, IDEA Board of Directors Conference, Boston, Massachusetts

2014 NASA Certificate of Appreciation for ESD & Suspect Counterfeit Training of NASA ESD Program Managers

2013 ERAI Executive Conference, Orlando, Florida, April 18 & 10.  Bob Vermillion, Featured Speaker and Workshop Presenter,  Workshop Title:Non-compliant or Suspect Counterfeit Packaging Materials Can Lead to ESD Hazards and Long-Term Storage Issues and Pose Issues in Handling, Inspection and Manufacturing.

2013 Annual San Diego Supplier Development Council.  Bob Vermillion, Keynote Speaker for  “Operation Opportunity”

2013  NASA Langley Vice –Chair Nomination for  Bob Vermillion, ANSI ESD Aerospace 19.1 Working Group (WG)

2013  SMTA Counterfeit Conference, San Diego, California, November 21, 2013.  Bob Vermillion, Presenter, “Paperboard Packaging Materials of the USA & EU in comparison to Asian Paperboard Packaging – Another Indicator of Non-Compliant or Suspect Counterfeit Materials in the Supply Chain.”


From: Diganta Das []
Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2013 4:20 AM
To: Bob Vermillion
Cc: Renee Mitchell
Subject: Re: CALC - Conference

Thanks.  I fully agree that the topic is outside the expertise of the general electronic packaging and testing community and needs different set of practitioners from the paper, polymer and similar materials industry.


2012  SMTA Counterfeit Conference for the Global Supply Chain, Anaheim, CA. Bob Vermillion  presented a white paper titled “Initial Material Validation Must be Reinforced with Periodic Validation Throughout the Product Life Cycle due to Supplier Non-Compliance & Suspect Counterfeiting.”

2013 G-19a Founder & Co-Chair of the EEE Packaging Group Subcommittee

2013 Featured Speaker, ERAI Counterfeit Conference, Orlando, Fl.

2012  DoD Western Regional Council Year End Awards & Membership Meeting, San Pedro, CA, 6th December.  Bob Vermillion, CEO/Founder of RMV Technology Group, LLC  selected as the Small Business Presenter for the Council presented white paper “Suspect Counterfeit Materials & Packaging in the Global Supply Chain.”

2012 NIPHLE (National Institute of Packaging & Handling Logistics Engineers), Washington,   D. C, 27 March 2012   - “A US Army Packaging Study in collaboration with the DAC (Defense Ammunition Center).”

2012 DMSMS & Standardization Conference, Orlando, Florida, 26-29 November 2012.  Expert Panel: Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin and RMV Technology Group LLC. This panel examined the many facets to engineering resilient systems and how sharing best practices and developing standards for adaptability and resiliency may strengthen our future systems. 

2012  NASA-Ames  Group Seminar Training for 28 Engineers, "Suspect Counterfeit Training Awareness for Defective Parts/Fasteners, Packaging and Electronics."

2012 DOE Nuclear Power Group Prime Contractor, South Carolina, First SDVSOB to provide the 2-day training for "Non-compliant or Suspect Counterfeit Packaging Materials, Components, Defective Parts Fastener Training. Is the DOE Ready for RFID with Fasteners & Slings?"

2012 DMSMS & Standardization Conference, Orlando, Florida. Invited White Paper for Non-Compliant or Suspect  Counterfeit Packaging Materials due to Standardization & Standardization for Adaptability and Resiliency

2012 NASA-AMES Industry Day, August 8th - RMV was one of two small businesses selected to present for Small Business Conference.  White paper titled “Suspect Counterfeiting in the Global Supply Chain”.

2012 Induction into the CalVet Advisory Board for the State of California

2012 SAE G-21 Chair Sub-Committee for Suspect Materiel

April 13, 2011 - NIPHLE Annual Conference, “Packaging for the War Fighter”
and DoD Packaging Awards Banquet, San Antonio, CA

"Aerospace and Defense have focused on an Active-Defensive Parts Inspection Process in Preventing Suspect Counterfeiting. However, ESD Materials and Packaging that protect ESD sensitive components can also be Suspect with detrimental effects. Suspect Counterfeit and Supplier Non-conformance with Packaging and Materials Issues have set back launches, compromised product and caused contamination. Failure to Qualify and Validate ESD Materials and Packaging for Class 0 components is proving Costly."

2011 Office of Management & Budget (OMB) The White House, Invited White Paper for Office of Intellectual Enforcement  titled "Packaging Engineering: A First Line of Defense to Suspect Component Detection.”


2011 SMTA Counterfeit West Symposium, Irvine, CA - Featured Speaker "Non-compliant or Suspect Counterfeit Packaging Materials in the Supply Chain Cannot be Overlooked!"


2011 NAVAIR, Pt. Mugu, RMV was selected in Open Competition to provide 2-day "System Level Training & Suspect Counterfeit Detection, Avoidance & Mitigation.  Validation Requirements to Protect against Counterfeiting. Protective Measures and Considerations to Prevent Knock Offs. If You Don’t Validate, Expect the Unexpected!"

March 23 - 25, 2010 - NIPHLE San Diego, CA

"The Packaging Engineer must be Proactive in the Implementation of a Formalized Materials Qualification Process Utilizing Advanced Testing Methods to Prevent Counterfeit ESD Packaging & Materials from Causing Long Term Storage Issues and Class 0 Device Failures."

2010 California Space Authority & Cisco Systems Space-Enabled Global Communications And Electronic Systems

Industry Update – Bob Vermillion, Featured Speaker on “RFID & Packaging.”

March 18, 2010 - NASA-Quality Leadership Forum - Cape Canaveral, Florida

"Nonconforming (and Suspect Counterfeit) ESD Handling and Packaging

Materials Used in the Shipment of Electronic Parts"  - First to Present on Suspect & Non-Compliant Materials in DOD Supply Chain. Bob Vermillion is the  First to Publish on Suspect & Non-Compliant Materials & Packaging for Two International publications.

2010 NIPHLE Annual Conference, San Diego.  Featured Speaker “Suspect Counterfeit Materials in DOD  Supply Chain”

2010 HEALTHPACK Annual Conference, Memphis, TN.  Invited White Paper presentation (in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Riley) Featured Speaker for “Electrostatic Issues in an Operating Room Theatre”

2009 Founder ESD Task Force, Medical Device Packaging Subcommittee, IOPP

2009 UC, Berkeley – RMV conducted the First Training for ESD & Suspect Counterfeiting Mitigation

August 8, 2009 - California Space Authority & Cisco Systems "Space-Enabled Global Communications and Electronic Systems Industry Update - RFID and Packaging"

2009 Boeing Satellite Systems California Supplier Transformation Annual Forum – Featured Speaker - California Innovation Corridor co-hosted by Boeing Satellite Systems

"RFID as Counterfeit Parts Mitigation"

2009 Featured Speaker, California Space Authority  (CSA) & Loyola Marymount University, "Industry Workforce Event" - Suspect Counterfeit Detection, Avoidance and Mitigation -Executive Summary & Management Overview -and Intensive Technical Hands-on Course"

2009 Featured Speaker for CSA, "Industry Workforce Event," Suspect Counterfeit Mitigation”  

2009 Featured Speaker, California Polytechnic University,  SLO, "Suspect Counterfeiting and Packaging"

2008 First to Start ”Hands On” Program for Industry at  Cal Poly, SLO - “ESD & Suspect  Counterfeit & Packaging”

2007 Induction into International Organization of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) as Fellow – HP Nomination

2002 IOPP Ameristar First Place (Electronics Category) for the USA – HP placed 2nd and 3rd; Motorola placed 4th    

1999 NASA Mars Mission Approved ESD material for Triboelectrification Mitigation on Mars

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