Bob Vermillion


Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer - iNARTE 

NASA ESD Technical Authority 

Bob Vermillion has developed advanced ESD materials with issuance of a U.S. Patent; one of Bob’s ESD developments was NASA Mars Mission approved. Bob has extensive expertise in the evaluation of spacecraft composites and Triboelectrification material mitigation for a Lunar or Mars Surface. Bob is an active member of the SAE G-19 Counterfeit Parts and G-21 Suspect Counterfeit Materiel Committees and is the Vice-Chair of ESD Association Aerospace Working Group 19.1 under the leadership of NASA Langley. An internationally  recognized Subject Matter Expert in the  field of electrostatics for his work in standards working groups, workshops, technical program committees and ESD standards activities for the ESD Association. In 2010,  Bob presented a white paper during the  NASA Quality Leadership Conference, Kennedy Space Center. Bob’s topic was Nonconforming and Suspect Counterfeit Parts Used in the Shipment of Electronic Parts in which two articles were a follow-up in Interference Technology (USA & UK). A foremost expert in the field of specialty materials science, Bob leads the industry in his unique ‘hands on’ Subject Matter Expertise with ESD materials and products for the electronics sector.





Steve Vermillion


LTC Ret. US Army

Dustoff Pilot 

Renee Mitchell


As President of RMV Technology Group, Renee supports and  promotes the professional service capabilities of the RMV Team for the Aerospace  & Defense community,  


With an English, Latin & French  background from high school and a Psychology major in college, Renee is descended from a family of lawyers,  doctors, writers and artists. 


I have found that putting 'pen to paper' or rather 'mouse to keyboard' is incredibly difficult for the many but a  real passion for the few!


Dividing her time between the business development and strategic marketing of RMV in doing business with the primes, including Federal and State agencies, Renee's  background in the Fine Arts has influenced the development of  marketing materials, brochures, trade show exhibits and press releases in a very interesting and informative, yet interactive format to  engage a  a potential client to the website or to the NASA Ames based laboratory and training center. 


Corporate Advisory Board

Thomas M. Reilly, MD


Fellow, American College of PhysiciansDiplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine

Diplomat, American Board of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Thomas Reilly practices Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine in Bakersfield, California as a partner and a Medical Director of Emergency Medical Group, Inc. In addition, Dr. Reilly was an instructor for Internal Medicine for the Residents of USC County Medical Center from 1992 – 1993 and continues to lecture on drug and alcohol abuse. Dr. Reilly has presented on Toxicology and Forensic Urine Drug Testing and other topics.

Doug Smith

Distinguished Member Technical Staff

Doug Smith, Author of "High Frequency Measurements and Noise in Electronic Circuits," held an FCC First Class Radiotelephone license by age 16 and a General Class amateur radio license at age 12. Doug received a B.E.E.E. degree from Vanderbilt University in 1969 and an M.S.E.E. degree from the California Institute of Technology in 1970. 


    Phil Zulueta

Subject Matter Expert 

Suspect Counterfeit Training & Quality Assurance

Phil Zulueta is  former Chairman of the SAE International G-19 Committee, involved with the mitigation of counterfeit electronic parts through the collaborative development and release of international standards and the delivery of awareness presentations and courses at conferences and related venues.




Doug  Vermillion, MD

LTC Ret. US Army


Dr. Vermillion is board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and has completed fellowship training in Joint Restoration. He is one of the only surgeons in Alaska that performs minimal incision total knee replacements (arthroplasty). He also has a strong background in Sports Medicine and this interest has led him to become one of the most experienced cartilage restoration surgeons in the nation. Dr. Vermillion is currently working to refine new techniques that utilize biotechnology to replace normal cartilage as well as developing new techniques for limb alignment procedures that are essential in joint restoration.


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