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What We Can Do for You

3-Step ESD Training Program

Interactive "Hands On"  Live Demonstrations 

iNARTE Certified Courses for Space & Defense, DOE, FAA and other Federal Agencies, plus contractor support community for the protection of our Nation and the Warfighter.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Advanced Materials

Engineered Materials, CNTs, Flexible Electronics for Space based deployments, desert conditions, arctic conditions 

Most Advanced ESD Materials Test Laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center

Aircraft Composites  Polymeric Materials Engineered Coatings Protective Packaging Flexible Electronics

Harsh  Environments 

Medical Device/Pharma

RMV provides Solutions for Wearables, Drug Delivery, Cross-Contamination  of robotics, cell phones, displays and PPE in the  Operating Room, in medical clinics, aircraft transport of injured soldiers  and In Theatre.

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