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Our Subject Matter Expert (SME) Services 

iNARTE Certified  ESD Program
Monitor Training™

Virtual & Hands On Certified Training 

The ESD Program Monitor course is targeted for the Engineer or Technician who packages, handles, stores, repairs or transports ultra-sensitive EEEs in the electrostatic protected area (EPA).   The EPA can include the factory, cleanroom, assembly operations, R&D labs, high bays, shipping and receiving areas.

This course is intended for technicians, engineers, R&D staff, supervisors, project managers and program managers. 

Bob Vermillion, SME


For Medical Device and Pharmaceutical,  we verify, certify and troubleshoot  materials  in different configurations and densities.


As in Space, the human body is considered a harsh environment. 


In theatre, as in the Operating Room, the correct application and type  of advanced material and RH threshold is vital.


The rigorous  requirements of Deep Space and the human factor are similar to the current and future requirements of materials in and around the human body from critical care to flexible electronic materials to drug delivery systems for implantation in the human body.  



X-57 EMI Consulting  

Our work on the X-57 for NASA AFRC (2019) has been exciting for RMV Technology Group and has led to some  very important changes in the design of the aircraft for the next phase of the build in 2020. 


Composites, Consumables, Flooring, Thin Films and WEARABLES Testing 

ESD Testing to Industry Standards in addition to application specific testing for advanced or engineered materials can be necessary to determine the failure threshold in the retail environment for medical device products and consumer electronic products.  

Bob Vermillion, SME


Due to the large amount of failures after deployment, CubeSats  for launch integrity require ESD protocols at the Workstation to insure the ESD integrity that is necessary for COTS as well as GOTS.   

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COVID 19 Training for Electronics Material Handling in the EPA and in Harsh Environments 

In order to avoid cross contamination not only among individuals but in the work place, proper measures must be in place to protect the integrity of the product and protective packaging that is inspected, stored, transported and kitted during the assembly process.  

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