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ESD Factory & Cleanroom Assessments/Audits

In order to conduct an Onsite Assessment (Instrument Driven) full ESD Factory or Cleanroom  Audit, we will need to obtain specific information for your requirements in order to generate a cost effective proposal.  

As an ITAR compliant  ESD Engineering Services organization, we employ the use of calibrated instruments, with redundancy in the  event a piece of equipment needs to employed for another task. (We have a full laboratory of ESD equipment in our NASA Ames facility.) Read about ITAR Compliance and to better protect your Intellectual Property by clicking here.

RMV is the largest and most advanced privately held  ESD lab on any NASA site. Our laboratory is located in the NASA Ames Research Park with 24-hour security guard protection and surveillance cameras in each building of the facility. GOOGLE Map RMV Technology Group and also GOOGLE Map others to determine if their facility is secure enough for your product testing, IP evaluation or research support. 

ESD Field Testing is traceable to  ANSI/ESD, NASA Standards, ASTM, IEC, Mil Standards, Standard Test Methods.  Standard Practices or Industry Practices. Verification for harsh environments are measured for traceability to Industry Standards.  Verification to Technical Reports ONLY is not traceable,  nor reliable,  for Space & Defense, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and related areas. 

RMV is a Qualification Lab for Industry, DoD, NASA and DLA  ( including but not limited to Semiconductor, Disk Drive, Energy, Cleanroom, Medical Device, Pharma/Drug Delivery,  BioTech, Consumer Electronics).   

In addition to the required AS9100 Auditing requirements, the ESD requirements for your factory, cleanroom or distribution area must also be in compliance with ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014, NASA 8739.6B and Mil. Standards, depending upon your ESD Program Manual specifications.  Only "physical measurements" will determine materials, packaging and product compliance.  ISO Auditing is "Visual" and does practice "physical" verification of your workstation EPA.  


Call or email us today with your requirements.  The RMV Materials Testing Laboratory for factory/cleanroom and high bay audits/assessment is "third party" and is not a partner/affiliate, under contract with,  or part owner of,  any other company that manufactures, distributes or represents any product-related equipment. 

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