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We bring our  "Virtual"  Training Courses to Your Remote Work Place 

Click below to see Virtual Course Listings 

We have taken a few of our select "Hands On" Engineer-Technician, Quality  and Procurement Interactive Courses currently not available for Remote Learning until now. . 


The Virtual Approach by RMV Technology Group is taught "Live" by the leading Industry Subject Matter Expert for Electrostatics (ESD) Materials and Packaging,  Bob Vermillion, who incorporates live demonstrations and experiments in the RMV laboratory  located onsite at NASA Ames Research Center. 


We keep the classes small to not more than 8 persons depending upon the course  to further provide the Individual feedback not available with traditional "online or webinair"  training  sweeping the country today. 


Unlike webinair online based training of other organizations non-profits and government entities,  the "Live" Virtual Training of RMV  is enhanced for the participant for an  "In the Moment" Training experience with videos, individual participation and other training tools to enhance the learning experience. 

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