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iNARTE® Certified Courses  exclusively  developed and taught by Bob Vermillion.

An American Society of Quality (ASQ) family of companies, EXEMPLAR GLOBAL, provides 3rd party, international 2-year certification.

Located onsite at NASA Ames Research Center, the iNARTE® Certified Engineers of  RMV  (since  1996) provide SME (Subject Matter Expert) training for  NASA, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Public Utilities and Industry Electronics.  


Since 2014, RMV Engineers are the SME Instructors for  NASA ESD Program Managers, including Jet Propulsion Laboratory and UC Berkeley Space Science Laboratory.  RMV trains the prime contracting community that supports NASA, the Department of Defense and the DOE.  


With the 2020 implementation of “Live” Virtual Training, RMV provides "Hands On" and Interactive Instrument  training for the iNARTE® Space & Defense Certified ESD Program Monitor™ and the iNARTE® Industry Electronics Certified ESD Coordinator™.  The participants are both NASA Civil Servants and support contractors that work in the ESD protected areas, including laboratories, assembly operations and R&D facilities to "verify" the materials, packaging and products located in the EPA. 


The big difference in the iNARTE® ESD training is the direct relationship to the use of Industry Standards (NASA, Mil.STDs and related ANSI/ESD STDs) for traceability in the EPA. 

In contrast, Industry offers "verification" without traceability to Industry Standards in which the

end user is unlikely to prove damage.  This is the trend by Industry that raises the risk for the Customer while lowering the costs for the Contract Manufacturer or Subcontractor.  In effect, the Supply Chain will be broken link to failure in the field if the supplier or distributor is allowed to sell, distribute or manufacture very sensitive devices not vetted by recognized Industry Standards. 

Since 2018, Vermillion has trained the iNARTE® NASA ESD Program Manager™  5-day course onsite at NASA Ames Research Center. 


 Due to the global change in the way we "all" do business,  RMV transitioned very quickly into a  VIRTUAL and LIVE "Hands On" training platform broadcast on the TEAMS platform from our laboratory onsite at NASA Ames Research Center. 


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Bob Vermillion, iNARTE® Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer