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iNARTE® Certified Courses  exclusively  developed and taught by Bob Vermillion, iNARTE® Certified
ESD & Product Safety Engineer.

An American Society of Quality (ASQ) family of companies, EXEMPLAR GLOBAL, provides 3rd party,
international 2-year certification.

1.     Complete the ESD Aerospace & Defense Application Form and submit application fee.   Submission of the

        application form implies agreement to adhere to the iNARTE Code of Ethics.

2.     4 years  of college and five years of engineering work experience.

3.     Provide an up-to-date Bio or CV or complete the ESD Aerospace & Defense Resume Equivalent form.

4.     Graduation from an iNARTE approved engineering/science curriculum of four years shall

         be considered equivalent to four years of such required experience.

        a.     The satisfactory completion of each year of such an approved engineering curriculum shall be

                considered  equivalent to a year of such required experience.


        b.     Graduation from a college with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering,

                physics,  engineering, chemical engineering, aerospace engineering, physics, nuclear engineering,

        c.     Graduation in a curriculum other than engineering or physical science (BS/BA) will be evaluated by



        d.     Postgraduate study in electrical engineering or physical science may be given credit up to two years.


5.     Provide evidence of education and training. Degree Copy is required. Photocopies of applicable training

        certificates may be submitted.

6.     References: Using the iNARTE reference forms, submit a minimum of 1 supervisory reference

        and 2 additional references each supporting character and competency as an ESD Engineer.

        Reference forms must be signed and forwarded directly to iNARTE.

7.     Certification Training is a prerequisite wih hands on exam (taken by RMV) and remote exam taken by

        Exemplar Global.  

8.     Undergo the prerequisite 5 Day iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace & Defense Engineer EngineerTM

        training by RMV Technology Group, LLC at NASA Ames.  This course may be offered in a

        Virtual platform or onsite at NASA Ames Research Center. POC: Renee Mitchell at 650-964-4792


9.      Pass the iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace & Defense EngineerTM exam and the Daily

         “Hands-On” Grading by Instructors. All above requirements must be met.

10.   Complete the iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace & Defense EngineerTM (or Engineer-in-Training)

        Application Form and submit application fee for 2-Year Certification. Submission of the

         application form implies agreement for adherence to the iNARTE Code of Ethics.

        Note: A graduate engineer (4 years of college) can take the iNARTE ® Certified ESD Aerospace & Defense

        EngineerTM  exam upon completion of the RMV iNARTE training prerequisite. Candidates with less

        than 6-years of experience will be issued an iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace & Defense Engineer-in-

        TrainingTM certificate.

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