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2024 Course Descriptions 


2-Day VIRTUAL Space & Defense Logistics Technology Specialist Training™



Packaging, Handling, Storage, Transportation & Kitting   of

EEE parts and Incoming Inspection for Supply Chain ComplianceTM


User/Operator Awareness
RMV Certified Interactive & Hands-On Training™

4 Hours Interactive with videos
live Demos broadcast "live" from


Course Description: ESD Certified User/Operator: NASA STD 8739.6B & ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD Training is designed for the User/Operator that assembles, inspects, tests and handles ESD circuit card assemblies and EEE Parts (ESD Sensitive Devices) or equipment containing EEE Parts  sensitive to electrostatic discharges (ESD).

Proper Packaging & handling protocols combined with a clear understanding of sources of static charges and controlling electrostatic charges are presented in a very  interactive format and brought to life by NASA’s ESD Technical Authority. Online Multiple Choice exam will be administered to each student.  

Training Material is available through the online NASA "whitelisted" RMV licensed

software portal for each student.

iNARTE Space & Defense Certified 

 ESD Program Monitor™

3 Day Virtual

 "Hands On"  and Interactive 

Multiple Sessions, 6 hours per day 


Course Description: 3-Day Virtual Training for NASA, DoD and DOE  Civil Servants and Contractors to learn how to verify the ESD Workstations throughout the year for product, packaging and material compliance of flight hardware in the Electrostatic Protective Area (EPA).  

For NASA Ames, the student can sign up for a 1-Day Hands On Interactive Course (as part of the  6 ft. Social Distancing requirement) in the RMV laboratory onsite at NASA Ames Research Center to individually learn  correct usage of ESD instruments for verification measurements  in the EPA. Training Materials will be provided and 

online Multiple Choice exam will be administered. 

Email for the full brochure. 

Trends & Developments of Suspect Counterfeit (SC/I) ESD Materials, Packaging and Products
 (2 hrs.) 
Suspect Counterfeit Training






Course Description: Have Suspect Counterfeit ESD & Packaging Materials and Products Infiltrated the NASA & Aerospace ? Bolts, fraudulently marked as high-strength, refurbished electronic components sold as new, Hoisting and rigging equipment, Valves, pipe, pipe fittings, and flanges, Packaging Materials, EEE Parts (ESD Sensitive Devices), ESD Packaging & Materials with Incoming Inspection training for identification of suspect counterfeit and non-compliant items.

Advanced Polymers for Materials

& Packaging Protection™

(Open to Space & Defense ONLY)

Part I - Basics (4 hrs.)


Course Description: Static Control ESD Polymer Types: A course for R&D and Engineering. Introduction to Polymers, Antistats Carbon Bulk-Loaded, Inherently Conductive Polymers, Carbon Nanotube. Humidity Independent Polymers that are conductive and afford transparency and bar coding capability.


Learn how to specify for aerospace & defense for use in harsh environment,  plus Medical Devices. The ESD Polymer approval process will be discussed. Form & Fit. Vacuum formed versus Thermoformed. Prototyping or Additive Manufacturing for cost savings. ESD Testing Protocols for Polymer type packaging and qualification process for vacuum formed ESD trays, plastic corrugated and totes will be discussed.    

Trends & New Developments in Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transport (PHS&T) of EEE Parts™

Static Dissipative Foam packaging


Course Objective: You will learn how to implement risk management solutions beyond  traditional “Visual Inspection” and to identify and mitigate Suspect Counterfeit and Non-Compliant Packaging, Handling Practices, Storage and Transportation (PHS&T) for Microelectronic Parts and Component protection.  To meet the current and future workforce challenges for R&D, Advanced Manufacturing and Quality Standards, you will learn the trends and new developments for Risk Management needed for Packaging, Quality and Logistics professionals.  

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