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 In the Pipeline for 2019


In addition to the ESD Testing and Consulting Services that we provide to our customers, we are proud to offer a specialized course listing of Seminars and Workshops geared specifically for "hands on" training in the RMV laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center.
Our training sessions are interactive, informative and up to date with the latest discoveries, ESD Test methods, Standards and Case histories for our participants.  We encourage you to bring your ESD product or material for field evaluation during training.  
Our Subject Matter Experts (SME) will train  you and your organization for compliance to the recently published ESDS 20.20-2014 for a two-year certification.   Led by  Bob Vermillion, RMV CEO and Director of the  RMV iNARTE  Training Center,  is a Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer - iNARTE,  former Co-Chair of ESD WG 19 Aerospace & Defense Committee under the leadership of NASA Langley (LaRC), Founder and Co-Chair of the SAE G-19 Subcommittee for EEE Counterfeit Parts and long standing member of the ESDA Standards Committee and Co-Author of many Standards and Advisories for Industry. 
We will train you on the guidelines and revisions specifcally developed for the Prime Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers and OEMS for the Aerospace & Defense sectors.  You will not only learn how to properly test to the Standards, but you will also learn how to use the instruments when you go into a supplier or a prime contractor to perform an In-house or Third Party Audit as may be required in the DOD Contract  for Corrective Actions, Continuous Improvement or for Periodic Verification, Unauthorized Supplier Substitutions or for  Suspect Countefeit  Surveillance of Supplier Materials, Products or Packaging.  
During training, we will share our case histories, in-house demonstrations and  focus on what you will need for better ESD Program Management.  We can offer you  a more efficient and cost effective  venue to effectively manage your manufacturing, assembly, long term storage and repairs so that your investment in learning will benefit not only your new or existing program, but  you in particular.    

ESD Test & Evaluation of Materials, Components, Parts & Packaging 

 We are the largest and most advanced ESD test laboratory on a NASA site for materials, protective packaging and products.
For a list of some of the products that we test, please click on this link

Long Term Storage & Materials Handling 

External weather conditions have an impact upon materials during transport, storage and handling. 
In flight, for example, kraft corrugated after 20 minutes can measure over 4000 volts. 
Humidity independant materials include polyurethane, antistat form and antistatic bubble.  In very low RH, antistats cease to perform.  Therefore, materials with limited shelf life should never be used for transport, multiple shipments or long term storage in extreme termperature conditions. 
Learn more about Long Term Storage and the materials in use today including case histories of materials improperly used for storage up to 5 years as see in many DoD contracts. 

ESD Product Development

For companies that are interested in improving an existing ESD material to meet the current requirements of ANSI/ESD or Mil.Standards, the SMEs of RMV can provide the value-added support for your existing or new customers. 
From coatings on polymers, composites, thin films and wearables, RMV can provide the application specific support to test, evaluate, verify and certify your first article or substrate in process for development.   
Contact Bob Vermillion direct for a confidential appointment to discuss your objectives for new or existing product development.

ESD Assessments for HighBays, Cleanrooms & Factories

What sets RMV apart from the competition is not only what we do in an audit, but how we do it. 
Unlike our competitors, RMV SMEs do not walk into a highbay or cleanroom carrying one make and model of an instrument nor with a field meter that is not designed for detecting ESD fields and events.  
As a third party engineering firm that specializes in the detection of electrostatic issues that affect equipment, products and materials, RMV has the proven performance to troubleshoot, validate and certifiy your production areas. 

From solving problems to validation of robotics, automated equipment, sensors, circuit board designs to engineered materials, packaging and facility assessments, RMV can also identify the issues and provide solutions for recommendations in the pre-assessment for an ESD S20.20-2014  Site Audit.  


Let us know your requirements by calling  direct or emailing us.  

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