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System Level Test   

RMV Technology Group has a built an international reputation in a diversified Industry Sector due to the practical and solutions driven technological expertise of our scientific and engineering staff of talent that have the capability to adapt and to reliably defend test methods that are "out of the box" and do not fit within Industry parameters of current test methods. 
Due to the increased sophistication and densification of components, a parallel increase of ESD susceptibility becomes an inherent by product of our innovation.  With the utilization of the most sophisticated test equipment and  real time software, our technology driven  focus works to the advantage of our customer in test and evaluation, troubleshooting and resolution of issues that may take much longer to solve without our focused and solutions driven support. 
Our practical approach to bring an idea or concept to a tangible solution has placed RMV in the very unique position to work with Government and Industry in a more holistic approach to solve problems without additional costs to the customer for defensible solutions.

RMV ESD Lab at NASA-Ames

Susceptible Components

RMV leadership provides test and evaluation for components, assemblies and market ready products (above the technician level) including device testing and  troubleshooting for device failures.  Moreover, we provide recommendations for solutions to our customers.

        1.  Basic System Level Testing to IEC 61000-4-2 (or your requirements) for Pass/Fail Lab Testing

        2.  Basic System Level Testing at each Test Point or Test to the Failure Level or Pre-Determined Level

             above  the Standard Test Level.

        3.  We can also test at each point if the Standard Test is passed.

 Sensitive Devices that we test may include:


        1.  MOSFET transistors 

        2.  CMOS ICs (chips), integrated circuits built with MOSFETS

        3.   Computer Cards

        4.   LEDs (Light-emitting diodes)

        5.   LCDs (Military Applications in particular) 

        6.   Resistors (high precision)

Power LEDs for Illumination Testing

  1. ESD Testing to both device and system level standards to customer's requirements

  2. Evaluation of the effect that drive circuits on ESD survivability

  3. Custom tests developed on request

  4. Test L.E.D. assemblies for Electrical Fast Transient and lightning survivability

  5. Industry Standard Tests to a customer requirements

  6. Customized tests developed upon request

  7. Customized tests to meet the environmental conditions of your products 

  8. Improved assembly reliability over simply meeting the standard tests

  9. Lower field problems and increase profit

  10. Lower product legal risk

  11. Counterfeit part determination and evaluation


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