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1. Complete the ESD Aerospace & Defense Application Form and submit application fee. Submission      of the application form implies agreement to adhere to the iNARTE Code of Ethics.


2.  Provide specific record of three (3) years or more of experience for ESD technician level

     work  or two years of experience and one year (for AS Degree or DoD Certification).


3.  Provide an up-to-date Biography.

4.  Graduation from an iNARTE-approved junior college or US NAVY, USMC, US Army, US Air Force         curriculum  of two years shall be considered equivalent to one of the three years of such required         experience.

     a.  The satisfactory completion of each year of such an approved 2-year electronics technician

            curriculum shall be considered equivalent to one year of such required experience.

      b.   Graduation from a college with a AS degree in the Electronics or US ARMY, US NAVY,

            USAF or USMC Electronics Technician graduation shall be considered as equivalent to one

            year required experience.

      c.  Graduation in a curriculum other than technician (AS) or physical science (BS/BA) will be

           evaluated by iNARTE.


      d.  Note:  If an applicant graduates with a AS degree in Electronics and has 2 years of

           electrostatic discharge technician experience, this will count for iNARTE® Certified ESD

           Aerospace & Defense Technician™ Certification.


5.   Certification Training Prerequisite: Undergo the Virtual 5 Day iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace &

      Defense Technician™ Training conducted by RMV Technology Group, LLC at NASA Ames.

      POC: Renee  Mitchell (650-964-4792) or 


6.   Pass the iNARTE® ESD Aerospace  Defense Technician™ examination and “Hands-On”

      Daily Grading by Instructors. All above requirements must be met.


Note:  A junior college or DoD graduate can take the iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace & Defense

          Technician examination upon completion of the RMV iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace &

          Defense Technician™ training. Candidates with less than 3-years experience will be

           issued an iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace & Defense Technician-in-Training™ certificate.


 iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace & Defense Technician™
 iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace & Defense Technician-in-Training™

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