Incoming Inspection Training 

Trends & New Developments for Suspect Counterfeit and Non-Compliant Materials (Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transportation)

Incoming Inspection Interactive Awareness Training 
Course Length: 
1/2  Day (4 hours) 

Who is this class for?


Procurement, Buyers, Upper Level Management, Business Development, Human Resources and Inside Sales Staff.

What will you learn in the class? 


As counterfeit components, EEE parts, materials and products continue to impact the NASA, DOE and DoD Supply Chain, a more proactive and innovative approach is necessary to reduce costs for NASA, the general public and the Warfighter.  

As we have seen over the years, the online Suspect Counterfeit Training is not effective as the material does not change.  The counterfeit market as a result is booming and the consumer or Federal worker has not been provided with up-to-date tools to identify and mitigate the growing threat for US small business while impacting the profit margins of big business while compromising the Warfighter!  

For the Incoming Inspection Interactive Awareness Training, you will learn beyond "Visual Inspection" how to identify, mitigate and avoid suspect counterfeit material, packaging and parts by the unique "hands on" approach by RMV leadership. 

You will quickly learn that "your first line of defense"  in the detection of non-compliant and suspect counterfeit parts is the outer packaging.  Sounds simple but not practiced. 


For example, a simple corrugated container can tell you quite a bit about the country of origin, the substrate can also lend "traceability" to the product.  The electronic part that contains a ROHS marker and not a UL or CE marker can be a dead giveaway.  Use of an inexpensive  mini-microscope is an excellent "first pass" identifier before procuring expensive component testing. 


This extra step may be a real cost savings to your Quality Program by  elimination of unnecessary component testing by weeding out the suspect parts before performing in-house or 3rd party system level testing.     


 For more information on this class, please contact Renee Mitchell at 650-964-4792 or email                      


Group rates are available (10 or more) for this dynamic and interactive "hands on" awareness training session. 


Incoming Inspection "Hands On" Workshop Training 
Course Length:
1  Day (8 hours) 



Who is this class for?  


Logistics, Quality, Manufacturing Engineers, Supervisors, Transporation and Material Handling Specialists  and Incming Inspection Technicians.


What will you learn?


The Incoming Inspection "Hands On" Workshop will follow a more indepth course outline   than the 4-Hour Awareness Class.


You will learn the Incoming Inspection Techniques and correct material handling techniques of EEE Sensitive Devices during test, for long term storage in austere environments.

You are encouraged to bring materials, packaging and products to the training class to experience a more interactive learning approach.  


You will  learn Material Handling Methods for sensitive electronic components. 

The Instructor will conduct demonstrations on the importance of simple physical testing with interactive software for a more reliable learning experience.  

Each individual will receive a Certificate of Incoming Inspection Training for a 2-Year  renewal period. 

Please contact Renee Mitchell for a course outline and group rates for your team. Call      650-964-4792 or email