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ITAR & Supplier Selection 

GOOGLE MAP Your Supplier!

Be ITAR Compliant and Know Who Your Supplier is!

Beware of Consultants who Moonlight! They may be working part-time while working full-time for Your Competitor. 

When you GOOGLE Map, you will find out that the address listed may not match up with a business at all.  In fact, this is very common today.  You will probably find the majority of ESD laboratories and ESD consultants located in an unsecured Garage, a Shed behind their house or a Basement Operation! The physical address could also be a Postal Address only.  This may require a deeper dive especially when looking at a company outside of the USA. 

If you are shipping confidential information, product, package or material,  you need to know that your IP is secure and will not be tampered with.  So, take a few minutes, check the potential supplier out by doing a simple GOOGLE Map Search and then make your decision. You may be surprised by taking that extra step instead of relying only upon a very professional and inviting website.  


Do your due diligence for AeroSpace & Defense customers, distributors, contract manufacturers and suppliers whose job is to ultimately provide ITAR compliant goods and services for the Warfighter.

Know ITAR and Follow the Requirements!

GOOGLE Map A Potential ESD Lab

The Results Could Be Shocking!

If the lab is not located in a business center, then you should ask the question: "Are you located in your home, in the basement, backyard shed or in a garage?"  


Keep in mind that a home based business may be accessible by family, children and friends but not for customers.  


If the lab is home-based, then you may want to consider the security of your product.  "Are you developing a value added product?  If so, then verification of your product for supplier compliance, are you answering a corrective action from your customer? This is where confidentiality becomes extremely critical for those that may have access without permission. 

Does the ESD testing center have their own ESD instrumentation on their website or do they borrow the equipment (common in offshore countries), but in reality use other people's facilities or subcontract the work out? This happens here in the USA and Canada where there have been layoffs especially.  And it continues today.


If yes, then you may have liability as well as insurance concerns if your product is misplaced or seen by other persons that could breach your confidentiality.  


Is the lab credentialed?  Find out - Ask questions.  

Does the lab use factory calibrated equipment?  This is a huge concern when testing for corrective action follow-up by your customer or if there is a potential lawsuit?


Another really important question is:  "Does the lab sell products?  If so, the lab is not truly 3rd party which may affect the final testing, if there is a conflict?  

RMV Testing by iNARTE ESD & EMC Engineers

We take your IP just as seriously as we take our own

For AeroSpace & Defense customers, RMV leadership is comprised of Engineers, Scientists, Physicians, College Professors and Retired US Military Officers.  We take our work for the US Military very seriously and your confidentiality and IP is just as important as ours.  
When you visit our laboratory on a secure Federal facility, your product, material or package is kept in a secure laboratory at all times.  With 24 hour video monitoring of persons entering and leaving the buildings on campus, you can be assured that your IP is always secure. 
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