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ANSI/ESD STM3.1-2006 Ionization

Test methods and procedures for evaluating and selecting air ionization equipment and systems are covered in this standard. The document establishes measurement techniques to determine ion balance and charge neutralization time for ionizers.

ANSI/ESD SP3.3-2012 Periodic Verification of Air Ionizers

This standard practice provides test methods and procedures for periodic verification of the performance of air ionization equipment and systems (ionizers).

ANSI/ESD SP3.3-2012 Periodic Verification of Small Profile Air Ionizers
This standard practice provides a test fixture example and procedures for performance verification of air ionization used in confined spaces where it may not be possible to use the test fixtures defined in ANSI/ESD STM3.1 or ANSI/ESD SP3.3.

SEMI E78-0309

Guide to Assess and Control Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electrostatic Attraction (ESA) for Equipment

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