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NEW iNARTE® Certified Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) AeroSpace & Defense 

Engineer™ Certification Training Program for Government & Industry

ESD Aero Engineer Requirements
ESD Aero Technician Requirements
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In the Field

2-Day VIRTUAL Interactive Training
2022 Group Rates for US Military

Course Description 


You will learn how to implement risk management solutions beyond  traditional “Visual Inspection” and to identify and mitigate Suspect Counterfeit and Non-Compliant Packaging, Handling, Long Term Storage, Electronic Kitting and Transportation (PHS&T) for  sensitive component and part outer protective packaging.

 To meet the current and future workforce challenges for R&D, Advanced Manufacturing and Quality Standards, you will learn the trends and new developments needed now and in future for the   Packaging, Quality and Logistics professional to protect the Warfighter.

For more information on this NEW and very relevant course for the Soldier in the Field or the manufacture and storage of EEE parts, email

RMV Technology Group, a NASA Industry Partner, enters into Exclusive Engagement with Exemplar Global, an affiliate of ASQ

Moffett Field, California.

19 July, 2018. RMV Technology Group LLC, a  NASA Industry partner, entered into an exclusive agreement with Exemplar Global, a division of ASQ,  for the  iNARTE™ Certified Electrostatic (ESD) Aerospace & Defense Engineer™ certification program. 

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 iNARTE® Certified ESD AeroSpace & Defense Engineer™ Training Program for Qualified Engineers and Technicians

Unlike current ESD training online and/or with on-site training by Product Suppliers or in collaboration with Part-time Consultants that may represent the same products, the leadership team of  RMV Technology Group is 3rd Party and provides "Hands On" ESD Aerospace & Defense Instrument Driven training in the laboratory, in the field as well "Virtually" that had its beginning in the 4th Quarter of 2020 for a select group of NASA DoD and the support community. 

For further information and 2021 training schedule, please contact Renee Mitchell  at 650-964-4792 or email

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