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          Space & Defense Logistics                Technology Specialist Training             for  PHS&T™
 2 Days On-Site 
iNARTE Aerospace & Defense Program Manager Certification Training™
5 Days On-Site

 NEW   iNARTE® Certified Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) AeroSpace & Defense  Technician™ Certification Training Program for Government & Industry

iNARTE® Certified Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Aerospace & Defense Technician™

                 iNARTE® Certified Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Aerospace & Defense                      Technician-in-Training™


   1.   Complete the ESDC Application Form and submit application fee. Submission of the  application form implies            agreement to adhere to the iNARTE® Code of Ethics.


   2.   Provide specific record of six (6) years or more of experience in ESD engineering  or technician level work. 


   3.   Provide an up-to-date Bio or CV or complete the ESDC Resume Equivalent form.


   4.   Graduation from an iNARTE-approved junior college or US NAVY, USMC, US Army, USAF or

         USCG curriculum of two to four years shall be considered equivalent to two of the six years of

         such required experience.

         a.)    The satisfactory completion of each year of such an approved 2-year electronics or engineering

                 curriculum shall be considered equivalent to one year of such required experience.

         b.)   Graduation from a college with a AS degree in the Electronics or US ARMY, US NAVY, USAF, USMC

                or USCG Electronics Technician graduation shall be considered as equivalent to two years required                                experience.

         c.)   Graduation in a curriculum other than technician (AS) or physical science (BS/BA) will be evaluated

                by iNARTE.


                Note: If an applicant graduates with a AS degree in Electronics has 6 years of electrostatic

                            discharge engineering experience, this will count for iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace

                            & Defense Technician™ Certification.


  5.   Provide evidence of education and training.  Degree Copy or Military Electronics Technician Certification

        is required. Photocopies of applicable training certificates may be​ submitted.


  6.   References: Using the iNARTE reference forms, submit a minimum of 1 supervisory reference and at

        least 2 additional references each supporting character and  competency as an ESD Technician.

        Reference forms must be signed and forwarded  directly to iNARTE.


  7.   Undergo the 5 Day iNARTE® Certified Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Aerospace &  Defense Technician™                  Training conducted by RMV Technology Group, LLC at NASA  Ames.

        Contact: or call 650-964-4792


  8.   Complete RMV Course and Pass iNARTE® ESDC Technician examination & Hands-On Grading by Instructors.

        All above requirements must be met.


        Note: A junior college or DoD graduate can take the iNARTE technician examination. Upon

                  passing  and completion of said experience, the iNARTE® Certified Electrostatic Discharge

                  (ESD) Aerospace  & Defense Technician-in-Training™ will revert to iNARTE® Certified

                  Electrostatic  Discharge (ESD) Aerospace & Defense Technician™ status.


 (1)From Manager, Commander, Customers, participation on committees, publications, training and other.

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