ESD Materials, Packaging  & Product Testing

Complex Construction
Complex Construction

ESD Testing for "hot spots" on ESD materials

3D Material for CubeSats
3D Material for CubeSats

Qualification Testing before deployment resulted in a Successful Launch!

SEMI E-78 Validation
SEMI E-78 Validation

Ionization Qualification Testing is a critical component of SEMI E-78 Validation

Automated Equipment
Automated Equipment

Troubleshooting in Low RH

Smart Battery Storage
Smart Battery Storage

Protective Packaging for Smart Batteries is long ignored for Safety and Reliability.

Pink Poly
Pink Poly

Misuse of "pink poly" for shielding is common for Space & Defense and should always be verified for Compliance before usage.

Surface Resistance Testing
Surface Resistance Testing

Advanced Polymers must be tested at +/- 12% for harsh environments

DOE Suspect Counterfeit Training
DOE Suspect Counterfeit Training

Learning how to detect Non-Compliant and Suspect Counterfeit ESD materials is critical for the Supply Chain

Flexible Electronics
Flexible Electronics

Wearables Verification and Qualification is critical for use on, in or near the Human Body for long term reliability and safety.

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RMV Troubleshooting, Testing & Evaluation

NASA, DoD and the Commercial Space


Some Current Issues with Aircraft, Terrestrial, Maritime or  Spacebound Payloads may include  the following: 

  •   Space Bound Component Failures

  •   Advanced Manufacturing without Up-to-Date Quality Best Practices

  •   Long Term Storage & Handling Issues 

  •   Lack of Traceability" for Material Integrity

  •   Offshore Substitution of OEM Materials without Qualification 

  •   Supplier Non-Conformance

  •   Obsolete Industry Practices not Keeping Pace with Innovation

  •   Suspect Counterfeiting or Anti-Counterfeiting

  •   Class 0 Device (less real estate) generating issues Not Seen in the Past

  •   Lack of Certification Training

  •   Web Format Training vs. “Hands On” In Laboratory Training 

  •   Continued Use of limited shelf life material in Manufacturing/Assembly

  •   Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems in harsh environments

  •   Contract Assembly Areas or "Kitting" without Current Protocols

  •   Contract Manufacturer Original and 'Substitute' Packaging

  •   "Grey" Market materials due to the :Lowest Price" 

  •   Data Center Flooring Not "Certified" before purchase

  •   Equipment Centers 

  •   Incoming Raw Materials for R&D Requirements

  •   Incoming Supplier Packaging by "Visual Inspection" only 

  •   In-Process Production Equipment

  •   Ionization Oversold for Controlled/Sterile Environments

  •   Ionization in Factories without prior "Validation"before Buy

  •   Long Term Storage Packaging and Austere Environments

  •   Operating Room Flooring without current specifications

  •   Robotics Equipment and RH

  •    Non-Compliant or "Suspect Counterfeit" Packaging, Materials & Components

  •   Wrong Usage of Test Instrumentation 

  •   Workstations, Benches, Monitoring and Accessories

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