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ESD Materials, Packaging  & Product Testing

RMV Troubleshooting, Testing & Evaluation

NASA, DoD and the Commercial Space


Some Current Issues with Aircraft, Terrestrial, Maritime or  Spacebound Payloads may include  the following: 

  •   Space Bound Component Failures

  •   Advanced Manufacturing without Up-to-Date Quality Best Practices

  •   Long Term Storage & Handling Issues 

  •   Lack of Traceability" for Material Integrity

  •   Offshore Substitution of OEM Materials without Qualification 

  •   Supplier Non-Conformance

  •   Obsolete Industry Practices not Keeping Pace with Innovation

  •   Suspect Counterfeiting or Anti-Counterfeiting

  •   Class 0 Device (less real estate) generating issues Not Seen in the Past

  •   Lack of Certification Training

  •   Web Format Training vs. “Hands On” In Laboratory Training 

  •   Continued Use of limited shelf life material in Manufacturing/Assembly

  •   Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems in harsh environments

  •   Contract Assembly Areas or "Kitting" without Current Protocols

  •   Contract Manufacturer Original and 'Substitute' Packaging

  •   "Grey" Market materials due to the :Lowest Price" 

  •   Data Center Flooring Not "Certified" before purchase

  •   Equipment Centers 

  •   Incoming Raw Materials for R&D Requirements

  •   Incoming Supplier Packaging by "Visual Inspection" only 

  •   In-Process Production Equipment

  •   Ionization Oversold for Controlled/Sterile Environments

  •   Ionization in Factories without prior "Validation"before Buy

  •   Long Term Storage Packaging and Austere Environments

  •   Operating Room Flooring without current specifications

  •   Robotics Equipment and RH

  •    Non-Compliant or "Suspect Counterfeit" Packaging, Materials & Components

  •   Wrong Usage of Test Instrumentation 

  •   Workstations, Benches, Monitoring and Accessories

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