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iNARTE® Certified ESD Aerospace & Defense Engineer™ Training

 Course Length: 40 Hours 

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The first "Hands On,  Instrument-driven, ESD Aerospace & Defense Training  course has been custom developed by RMV Technology Group  LLC, a NASA Industry partner.  Designed to  meet the new and expanding technology requirements  for material and product performance in harsh environments.


The original iNARTE certification program was first developed almost  50 years ago for the US Navy based upon telecommunication and communication requirements for that era. 


In 2018, the first graduating class of NASA ESD Program Managers including UC Berkeley,  JPL and some Prime Contractors celebrated the kick off events across the USA from Kennedy Space Center to  Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA Ames Research Center. 


The International Certification for this new and exciting 5-day course is a partnership between RMV Technology Group LLC and Exemplar Global, a division of ASQ.  

To find out more about this much needed, hands on, instrument driven, technology program  that includes the ANSI/ESD S20.20 and NASA 8739.6 revisions plus  Mil. Standard  ESD updates and best practices for the Aerospace & Defense Engineer or Techinican, please let us hear from you soon as we are booking classes now for 2019.


Just developed  for Aerospace & Defense is a much needed course that addresses Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transportation (PHS&T) requirements for today's technology-driven logistician, packaging specialist or Anti-Counterfeit  specialist. 


The "hands on" and instrument-driven course   includes Incoming Inspection Techniques, effective material handling techniques and  selection of ESD polymers for long term storage of ultra-sensitive components and parts. Plus more.  


Please contact us direct for more information.  This course is limited to US Citizens only.  

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