Leading the Way for Virtual Covid 19 Risk Management Training of Electronics Material Handling

The Most Advanced Incoming Inspection Procedures and Safe Practices for Material Handling of Sensitive Electronics by Space & Defense, Bio Pharma and Healthcare

This article was published in the NRP Post, Issue 2, August 4, 2020.

RMV Technology Group LLC (RMV), NRP Industry Partner and Service Disabled

Veteran Owned Small Business considered an “Essential Business” by NASA, continues

to test current and new products that are used in Mission Critical projects and those that may

require more in-depth testing before launch for a successful deployment.

Product performance today is especially critical to protect the health and safety of the individual as evidenced by the influx of non-conforming and suspect counterfeit products flooding into the US marketplace.

From material handling procedures in the assembly operations, cleanrooms and incoming

inspection areas for detection of unknown particulates related to packaging or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the potential risk of contamination is riskier in the “new normal” today for an Individual.

In collaboration with the Veterans Business Outreach Center, Region IX (VBOC), RMV is partnering to create a Virtual Training Series aimed to educate individuals about COVID-19 Risk Mitigation ranging from materials handling to incoming inspection to lower one’s exposure in the workplace. This training will also focus on the most effective use of PPE materials and create the awareness needed from the healthcare worker to the professional in working with the patient.

For more information on the Virtual Training Programs now being offered, please contact:

Renee Mitchell

phone 650-964-4792

email renee@esdaerospacetraining.org

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