RMV remains Open for Specialized ESD Materials and Product Testing for Our Valued and New Customers

As we are all in this together for the duration of the Corona Virus Pandemic, and, as we prepare for future and inevitable pandemics, the RMV leadership team located onsite at NASA Ames Research Center remains dedicated to support all efforts to ensure that the products you use in healthcare and by the US Military will meet the conformance requirements for static control medical devices, packaging, masks, gloves, garments and products used in the operating room, critical care or in the harsh environments required by the US Military, DOE, NASA and any other agencies that must maintain the health and safety of their personnel.

The RMV laboratory at NASA AMES is here to serve you. Considered "Essential Business", we continue to test existing and new products that require validation or qualification under R&D that must have more in depth testing before launch into the marketplace for a successful debut.

Our ANSI/ESD S20.20 verification and qualification testing includes the ANSI/ESD Standards & standard Test Methods, Mil. Standards, ASTM, IEC, System Level and Application Specific Testing to meet your individual corporate requirements. RMV is a long-time, sustaining member of the American Council of Independent Laboratories (USA) and the International Union of Independent Laboratories (EU). RMV is an approved ESD materials testing laboratory for NASA, many commercial organizations, the DOE, DoD and we test many more materials for the healthcare industry today than ever before.

Our team of Engineering SMEs are US Citizens that conduct the testing onsite in the lab with environmental chambers in place to low relative humidity (RH) or as specified. The NASA Research Park has 24 hour video security in every building and we continually wipe down our instruments and workstations with isopropyl alcohol (EPA) to maintain the strictest cleanliness procedures by our personnel so that the products and materials are not contaminated. If your product fails or misses meeting the threshold for acceptance or fails, we can provide R&D or recommendations for a more suitable material to meet the situation at hand. This service that we provide can improve the reliability of a new or existing product or material.

RMV Technology Group has been physically located onsite at NASA Ames Research Center since 2009 and we have grown and expanded into the largest and most advanced ESD Test laboratory located on a NASA site. Please GOOGLE EARTH our laboratory to find out exactly where we are.


Then GOOGLE EARTH other test labs and you may be surprised at what you will find. Many ESD testing laboratories claim to perform similar testing but may be located in a shed behind one's home, in a garage or carport, in a basement or a sales office. It is not uncommon to find a lab attached to a Product Distribution Center that enables the Supplier to not only sell their product but also offer testing which is considered "bias" by many Federal agencies and prime contractors. To be truly a 3rd party independent laboratory, one must not be in the business of selling products.

Similar home based or product distribution labs can also be found in Canada or Mexico with several located offshore (China, Singapore, South Korea and the UK). Still others advertise ESD testing, but use a subcontractor to conduct testing with non-calibrated equipment or incorrect test standards for the requirement. More common today are offshore suppliers who can only provide "online training" credentials through trade show organizations promoted and taught by "Industry Product Suppliers or Consultants that recommend their products". A contaminated material or product (PPE) may impact the health of the worker or the surgeon in the operating room from masks to garments to gloves for critical care environments. Doing the right kind of testing and to the correct ESD standards through an accredited and approved laboratory is key to product conformance throughout the global supply chain.

Please contact us with your questions or further inquiries. Call Renee Mitchell at 650-964-4792 or Text at 925-914-1709, Email renee@esdaerospacetraining.org or bob@esdrmv.com.

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