Bob Vermillion, NIPHLE Featured Speaker: Long Term Storage and the Risk of Antistat Packaging for E

2019 Annual NIPHLE Training Event

Huntsville, Alabama

21-23 May 2019

Long-Term Storage of Antistatic Topically Treated Packaging In Use

Throughout Aerospace & Defense™

specially presented


Bob Vermillion, CPP - Fellow

iNARTE Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer

RMV Technology Group LLC

Moffett Field, CA

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

21 May 2019

Just last week, as a special guest for the Annual EFCOG Event, whose attendees included nuclear power plants from across the USA, DOE HQ, prime contractors and suppliers, Bob presented on the Use of Non-Conforming and Suspect Counterfeit Materials across all industries that procure, store, ship, distribute, handle and manufacture EEE components.

Now, coming up early next week, Bob will present once again before the National Institute of Packaging, Handling, Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE) on his most recent findings from an independent study on the use of antistat materials for protection of EEE components that are typically placed into storage anywhere from 30 days to several years in warehouses and where harsh environmental conditions may prevail.

The results were surprising but not unexpected based upon our extensive test and evaluation of engineered materials conducted in the RMV lab at NASA Ames since 2009.

In our work with the commercial sector and for government agencies, the testing of protective materials for EEE devices has increased. Due to the fact that EEE components are extremely sensitive to the outside elements from the type and integrity of the protective material for temporary or long term usage to the RH level that a product is exposed to, the probability for damage or failure is a factor in the management of your current program or process in the packaging, handling, storage and transporation of the end product.

Learn more about the solutions for the safety and security of your current and future programs.

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