Peter MacDonald, Sr., Navajo Code Talker and WW II Patriot, Featured Speaker for DMSMS/DMC 2018

The grand finale for the most recent DMSMS 2018 Conference was the privilege of being able to sit and hear the most gripping and emotionally charged talk from one of the last survivors of the Navajo Code Talkers.

Mr. Peter MacDonald Sr., 90 years young, absolutely riveted the audience for over an hour on how the Code Talkers were created, how the Code was developed and tested that could only be taught by memorizing every code word (I believe there were 260) due to the "Top Secret" operation that started as a "pilot program" for the US Marine Corps. In 1942, just a handful of 29 Navajo volunteers grew to an astounding 550 by the end of World War II.

In just a few months, the first group of volunteers was ready to be deployed to the front lines with the USMC to code talk in less than 25 seconds instead of the traditional 30 minute translation where many lives before were unable to be saved!

So, you can imagine how many thousands of lives these brave and patriotic Native Americans saved throughout the war.

By implementing the ancient Navajo language with multiple meanings from nature, this very select group of patriotic volunteers was able to integrate the code unique to the US Military for a technological breakthrough at that time for one of the most critical periods in modern military history.

You can buy the paperback book (We bought 3 of the "Navajo Weapon") just published and autographed by Peter MacDonald, Sr. You can also email or call 928-614-1289. The website is

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