129th Rescue Wing Wins 3rd Year in a Row for the NASA ACC Annual Golf Tournament!

Moffett Field, California

26 October 2018

RMV Technology Group LLC, a NASA Industry partner, is one of the few high tech, Service Disabled Veteran Owned companies (SDVOSB) located onsite at NASA Ames Research Center.

RMV Tech Group's mission statement, simply states "Veterans Support Veterans" in work, in sports, for life - so it was Renee's task to locate a miitary operation that liked to play golf - whether good or bad golfers, it did not matter - in order to sponsor a local team for the Annual Golf Tournament as part of the largest ACC fundraising event to benefit educational outreach for Ames Contractor Council.

What we learned about the 129th Rescue Wing is amazing - this elite group of citizen-airmen are the brave individuals on the front line that save lives at sea in which a typical mission is at least 500 to 600 miles offshore by way of helicopter and aircraft. To date, these dedicated airmen have saved over 1000 lives! So, we at RMV are very proud to be the sponsors of the 129th and ecstatic to do our small part in support of a truly fine group of dedicated individuals.

Ames Contractor Council (ACC), a non-profit (501)(c)(4) entity is a membership organization of large and small Contractor companies performing work at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California.

ACC's mission is to support NASA Ames Research Center in providing world-class quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed all customer specifications and expectations for technical, schedule and cost performance.

The ACC Annual Golf Tournament is the largest fund raiser for the organization in support of education, outreach, and the overall NASA mission. To find out more about Ames Contractor Council, please click http://www.amescontractorcouncil.org/

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