"Successful CubeSat Deployment" presented by Bob Vermillion, Quality Leadership Forum, Ca

Bob Vermillion, ESD Technical Authority for NASA, presented an original and independent research study recently conducted in the RMV laboratory located onsite at NASA Ames Research Park on "Successful Deployment of CubeSats" with a focus upon the different levels of risk management for Class A to Class D and R&D projects.

Before an engaged audience of NASA civil servants, contractors, suppliers and academia, B​ob demonstrated basic requirements that need to be implemented for traceable verification of CubeSat conductive materials.

By way of a simple demonstration, Bob provided a simple yet easily understood method to engage the technician or engineer to incorporate a few extra steps to insure the electrostatic integrity of materials while building a CubeSat.

The use of humidity independent conductive materials was also demonstrated as ​equally critical for verification, as, for example, the use of “shrouds” during the build, transport or storage of spacecraft for NASA projects and programs.

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