Bob Vermillion, High Tech Veteran Champion, is Honored Once Again during 2nd Annual Small Business

- 16 December 2017

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA. Since 2001, RMV Technology Group LLC, a Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), under the steadfast leadership of Bob Vermillion, CEO/Founder and dauntless entrepreneur, was honored for the 2nd year in a row by Coreena Conley, VBOC, Region IX, Sacramento, California. The venue was the Department of General Services (DGS) Headquarters, Sacramento, California for the 2nd Annual Small Business Summit.

Since 2013, Bob has been a member of the CalVet DVBE Advisory Council, whose role is to recommend actions to benefit the Disabled Veteran Business community as a whole.

RMV Technology Group LLC, a NASA Industry partner, is one of the very few High Tech Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOSB) in support of the Agency for Facility Support, Technology Training and Advanced Engineering Services from NASA Langley to NASA Ames Research Center.

Located onsite at Ames Research Center (ARC) since 2008, RMV is the largest and most advanced Electrostatics (ESD) test laboratory on a NASA site.

From space and defense related engineering and testing services to technology training for continuous improvement, safety and NASA GIDEP Training, RMV continues to innovate for NASA and for the Warfighter.

Some 2017 highlights for RMV Technology Group include

Invitation to Speak before the Joint Audit Planning Committee (JAPC) by Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the Annual One Day Event was held this year at Aerojet Rocketdyne for JAPC members (NASA Primes only and the Missile Defense Agency).

Based upon a recent RMV independent study and white paper, Bob gave an innovative talk on "CubeSats & Material Validation." A second briefing followed in May 2017 before the National Institute of Packaging Handling Logistics (NIPHLE), which attracted a large audience including Picatinny Arsenal RDECOM.

In June 2017, Renee Mitchell, President of RMV Technology Group, spoke before the Joint Counseling Session of MSFC prime contractors. Nominated by Vicki-Harper Hall, NGAS Director Socio-Economic Programs, Renee's talk focused upon Agency related engineering services that RMV provides for NASA sites across the USA. As a result of this talk, a followup presentation is slated for an upcoming MSFC Prime Contractor Council, Huntsville on the 2018 schedule.

That same month, the US Small Business Administration approved the All Small Mentor Protege Program (ASMPP) for Science & Technology Corporation, Hampton, Virginia and RMV Technology Group LLC, Moffett Field, California. Under this new SBA program, the Mentor provides business development assistance and contracting opportunities for the Protege to successfully compete for government contracts.

In October 2017, Bob Vermillion, a recognized NASA Electrostatics SME, presented a CubeSat Mini-Tutorial before the NASA/Auburn AAQ at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. Bob has now been asked to join the Experts Panel for his Electrostatics SME in support of the Agency.

Also in October by invitation from GIDEP (2nd year in a row), Bob Vermillion, Electrostatics SME, gave a timely and informative session on "Incoming Inspection and Suspect Counterfeit & Non-Compliant ESD Materials" that prompted quite a few questions from the unique audience of federal agencies in addition to the usual Aerospace & Defense contractor attendees.

For the Annual Ames Contractor Council Small Business Event, October 19, 2017, RMV Technology Group was awarded a "Certificate of Outstanding Performance" from Millenium Engineering (MEI) for the ARC PESS Contract. Indeed this was a Win Win for NASA, for MEI and a triple Win for RMV!

Also, in 2017, Bob Vermillion in collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) and Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC), published a NASA GIDEP Advisory on the "Cordless Wriststrap" that can also be seen on GIDEP (for Members only). A followup article will soon be published by the NASA Safety Center (NSC) and will include more details on the work behind the project performed by LaRC, AFRC and RMV.

The following YOUTUBE video may be of interest to the reader on the "Cordless Wriststrap."

For more information on RMV Technology Group and the engineering, training and consulting services that we provide for federal, state and the commercial sector, please contact us direct (650-964-4792) or email or We look forward to hearing from you.

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