Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Evaluation Methods of Static Control Gloves for ESD Integrity

Following a formalized materials qualification process is critical in the sourcing of ESD materials for Aerospace applications to minimize risk from the manufacturing floor to long term storage, transport and staging. The qualification of electrostatic materials, products and packaging is critical for NASA, DOE and the DoD to mitigate risk and for program reliability.

Today, we have the added problem of suspect counterfeit materials entering the supply chain along with Supplier Non-Compliance on the forefront of many buyer concerns. Tech Data Sheets are not Test Reports, however, End Users and CMs have commonly accepted this platform as evidence of a Certificate of Conformance from the Distributor to the Manufacturer.

Compliance and Static Control Gloves do not go hand in hand. As with any ESD product, the material must be tested and validated according to current Industry Standards. For Space technology, the requirements are stricter, more robust and do not offer the compromise as is commonly seen in Industry. From a SME's point of view, the validation of gloves must follow a formalized qualification process to not only protect the brand, but also the program.

I believe you will enjoy the article as the Author conducts qualification testing for NASA and the DoD that requires Subject Matter Expertise and deep knowledge of Industry Standards for adherence to ANSI/ESD and Military Standards.

To read the article below, just click on the image of the magazine cover.

Bob Vermillion

Certified, ESD & Product Safety Engineer-iNARTE

SME Electrostatics for Aerospace & Defense/RMV Technology Group/NASA Industry Partner

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