Bob Vermillion, NASA Expert Invited to Speak on CubeSats & Materials Validation

- Aerojet/Rocketdyne, Canoga Park, California

On January 26, 2017, Bob Vermillion, CEO/Founder of RMV Technology Group, a NASA Industry Partner, by invitation from NASA HQ, made a groundbreaking presentation on "CubeSats Require ESD Materials Handling Protocols before Launch for Space Survivability" to a select crowd of Supply Chain Quality Directors, Managers and Auditors from NASA, Missile Defense Agency and the prime contractors that support their programs.

After launch, CubeSat failures can be as high as 70% and may be jeopardizing some programs for future Government and Industry funding.

Pictured left is Amin Djamshidpour, Co-Founder, Teton Aerospace, who successfully designed, built and launched his first cubesat into Space on January 16, 2017.

The replacement of GOTS with COTS by the DoD, NASA and Industry has not changed the susceptibility of Class 0 devices from improper handling, storage and use in the EPA and is a real concern for the probability of suspect counterfeit and non-compliant parts and components.

Not only are "brokers" and "independent distributors" a target for potential counterfeiters, but also the Internet which is the next big gateway for the purchase of non-compliant parts and components that are increasingly the new wave for huge buys from the Primes and their suppliers, including the general public, R&D and Distribution "kitting operations" that use P-Cards for spot buys to meet hard deadlines that cannot be altered due to contract requirements.

Featured left to right is Bob Vermillion, NASA Expert and Featured Speaker on CubeSats, together with Thomas Marshburn, MD and NASA Astronaut, whose talk "Lessons Learned: An Astronaut's Perspective" was a special bonus for the attendees and a first for many of the Quality Engineers, Auditors, Directors and Managers in the select audience.

To learn more about Dr. Marshburn's incredible career at NASA, please review his biography

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