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Updated ANSI/ESD Standards, AATC, ASTM, Mil. Stds.  to Meet       Your Current Requirements


For more information on these test methods, please contact us direct with your inquiry or a Request for Test and Evaluation - Standards are listed alphabetically.  Not all Standards are listed in this inventory.  Please call or email if you do not see the Standard you are looking for.  

3rd Party ESD Testing (Those under NDA are not listed):


In-house Test Capabilities include and not all are listed for brevity:  


1.   In-House Testing and On-Site Services with 5 Environmental Glove Chambers to <0.2%RH

2.   RMV Walk In Environment of 6210 Cubic Feet can be conditioned to 12%+/-3%RH or Lower

3.   Subject Matter Experts (SME) Tablet, iPad, Laptop  Displays

4.   Displays: CubeSats, Hand Held SME with Control Panels, Wearables, Microprocessor

      Medical & Military Devices, Terminals, Display Issues 

5.   Proprietary RMV Method to replicate charging at Low RH conditions


Testing Methods (Partial, not all are listed)


  • ANSI/ESD S1.1 Wrist Straps

  • ANSI/ESD STM2.1 Garments

  • ANSI/ESD STM3.1 Ionization

  • ANSESD SP3.3 Air Ionizers and ANSI/SP3.3-2012 & ANSI/ESD SP3.4-2012

  • ANSI/ESD STM4.1 Worksurface Resistance Measurements & Mil-PRF-87893B

  • ANSI/ESD STM4.2 ESD Protective Worksurfaces–Charge Dissipation

  • ANSI/ESD S6.1 Grounding

  • ANSI/ESD STM7.1 & ASTM F150 Resistive Characterization of Floor Materials

  • ANSI/ESD S8.1 Symbols–ESD Awareness

  • ANSI/ESD STM 9.1 Footwear–Resistive Characterization

  • ANSI/ESD SP9.2 Footwear–Foot Grounders Resistive Characterization

  • ANSI/ESD SP10.1 Automated Handling Equipment (AHE)ANSI/ESD STM11.11 Surface

  •   Resistance Measurement of Planar Materials

  • ANSI/ESD STM11.12 Volume Resistance of Static Dissipative Planar Materials

  • ANSI/ESD STM11.13 Two-Point Resistance Measurement

  • ANSI/ESD STM11.31 Shielding for Type I & III Bags   

  • ANSI/ESD S11.4 Standard for Protection of ESD Static Control Bags

  • ANSI/ESD STM12.1  Seating–Resistive Measurement

  • ANSI/ESD STM 13.1  Electrical Soldering/Desoldering Hand Tools

  • ANSI/ESD STM15.1  In-Use Resistance Testing of Gloves and Finger Cots

  • ANSI/ESD S20.20  Protection of Electrical and Electronic Parts, Assemblies and Equipment 

  •   (Excluding Electrically Initiated Explosive Devices)

  • ANSI/ESD STM97.1  Floor Materials, Footwear, Resistance Measurement in

  •   Combination with a Person

  • ANSI/ESD STM97.2  Floor Materials and Footwear– Voltage Measurement in

  •   Combination  with a Person

  • AATCC-134 (ESD Carpets) Voltage in Combination with a Person and Carpeted Systems

  • ANSI/ESD S541  Packaging Materials for ESD Sensitive Items

  • SEMI® E-78 Evaluation Compliance Services for Equipment for In-Process Assessment.

  • Mil-STD-3010C, Method 4046, Superseding Mil-STD-3010B (Formerly Fed-STD-101C-Method 4046)

  •   Measurement for Decay Characteristics of Planar Materials

  • FED-TM-STD-191 A, Notice 7, Federal Standard Textile Test Method

  • ASTM D257 Standard Test Methods for DC Resistance or Conductance on Insulators

  • ASTM F43-Standard Test Methods for Resistivity of Semiconductor Materials

  • ASTM F150-Standard Test Method for Electrical Resistance of Conductive/Static Dissipative Resilient Flooring

  • ASTM D257-Volume Resistivity Measurements

  • ASTM E1549 Standard Specification for ESD Controlled Garments Required in Cleanrooms and

  •  Controlled Environments for Spacecraft for Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Operations

  • ASTM D4496- Standard Test Method for DC Resistance or Conductance of Moderately Conductive Materials

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